Bowmore 12 Year Old

Bowmore 12 Year Old
Bowmore 12 Year Old
Country: Scotland
Abv: 40.0%
Advent Year: 2014

I'm very happy to say that we've reached the magical island of Islay, and it's only day 5!

Bowmore 12 is the one of the distillery's entry level whiskies, competing with Legend to steal the crown of cheapest - and arguably best value - Bowmore.

The nose is pure Bowmore; gentle peat smoke dancing with honey sweetness and a touch of sharp orange peel. Water opens up that smoky character, but with the loss of the honey notes.

It's wonderfully sweet on the tongue; honey that slowly yields to a sharp, under-ripe orange acidity. After that, an oaky tannic edge comes and soft hints of smoke put in an appearance in the lingering finish.

Watered, the honey sweetness is much reduced but that serves to bring out the peat more strongly, and it starts to feel like you're dramming by the bonfire.

I'm a big fan of all things Bowmore, and for £30 this one is a bargain. 4 stars!

This review was originally published 5th December, 2014. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.