Empress Ale

I have to admit to being nervous whenever I hear that a beer has been designed for a specific market or niche. Experience has taught me that the resulting drink often bears all the hallmarks of being created by a committee composed of the Marketing Department and the Finance Department resulting in, well, a less… Read more »

Magic Spells Brewery Tour At Home

Magic Spells Brewery are a new East London brewery, very firmly at the ‘craft’ end of the beery spectrum. They have a familiar enough backstory, starting with (a rather substantial 1/2 barrel) homebrewing background 3 years ago and finally going commercial at the start of this year. At the moment they’re still ‘gypsy brewing’ in… Read more »

Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin

Masons are one of the new generation of gin distillers, having been founded just 4 years ago – they launched their first gin on World Gin Day 2013. A few years ago, Karl Mason sent his wife a message via Facebook asking her to have a G&T ready for him when he got home from… Read more »

Badger – An American Venture

One of the things I noted about Badger back when I did a review of their range was that they’d always managed to resist the lure of the “craft dollar”, sticking to solid, traditional beers (albeit with a range twice the size it should be). Obviously they took my comments to heart, because they’re definitely… Read more »