You may have noticed that a Ratings box now appears on the occasional post. Hopefully this will be useful, but please don’t use it as an excuse to skip reading the review!

The rating is an overall score, out of 5, for the product. It attempts to take into account all the factors (taste, look, price, value…) according to the following scheme.

Ratings Key
Rating Meaning Example
0 Don’t even touch it in the shop.! Tesco Value Lager
0.5 The only redeeming feature is that it doesn’t make you blind. Tesco Value Bitter
1 Made with little care or love. Fosters
1.5 The heart’s in the right place, but no. Must Try Harder. My Christmas Ale
2 Nothing exactly wrong with it, but unexciting. John Smiths
2.5 Perfectly decent, but nothing really standing out. Doom Bar
3 Not quite there, but something makes you stop and think “ooh, this is pretty good” Fullers ESB
3.5 Flawed genius. Almost in love with it, but just missing that certain something. Brewdog Hardcore IPA
4 Something special. Reluctant to finish the last sip because then you’ll have run out. Harviestoun Ola Dubh
4.5 Spectacular. Makes you want to tweet about how excellent the world is, now you have some in your possession. Hardknott Granite
5 Best. Thing. Ever. Buy several cases so you never run out. Southville Hop

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