Daas Beer

Mainland Europe makes some wonderful beer, entirely unlike our own domestic ales – that is to say, the styles are entirely different, not that our domestic ales aren’t equally wonderful! Belgium, in particular, produces fantastic, big flavoured (and frequently strong!) beers which are always worth seeking out. (I’m partial to the occasional Kwak myself). But… Read more »

Coach House Brewing Company Blueberry Classic Bitter

Name: Coach House Brewing Company Blueberry Classic Bitter ABV: 5.0% Bottled/ Draft: Bottled, unconditioned Colour: Pale Head: Pours like a fizzy drink, with a head that didn’t last long enough to photograph Mouthfeel: Tizer Taste: Overwhelming blueberry smell as you open the bottle, and that carries through to the taste as well; sweet, almost cordial-like…. Read more »

Clemens ohne Filter (Unfiltered)

Name: Clemens ohne Filter (Unfiltered) ABV: 5.4% Bottled/ Draft: Bottle conditioned Colour: Deep amber Head: Fine bubbles feeding a lingering, foamy, good sized head. Mouthfeel: Medium body, the bubbles lingering in the mouth without becoming fizzy. Taste: Rich, full of sweet maltiness, with a warming alcohol sharpness. Comment: As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes the fact… Read more »

Little Valley Ginger Pale Ale

Name: Little Valley Ginger Pale Ale ABV: 4.0% Bottled/ Draft: Bottled, conditioned Colour: Golden Head: Enthusiastic! Escaping from the bottle, but short lived in the glass Mouthfeel: Light Taste: Also light; better on the nose than the tongue Comment: Little Valley are one of the few breweries who make a point of producing only certified… Read more »