Sambrook’s Brewery Tour-At-Home

Today, I get to continue my mission to sample all the beer brewed in London, this time with Sambrook’s Brewery. Based in Battersea, they’ve been brewing since 2008 in both draft and bottled form and, as we shall see, they certainly know a thing or two about great beer! We start with Wandle, a 4.2%… Read more »

Mersea Island Brewery Tour-At-Home

I stumbled across the Mersea Island Brewery at a food festival last year. Actually, what I stumbled across was the Mersea Island Vineyard stall (wines from Essex? who knew?!) and noticed that one end of their stall was filled with the bottles above, looking distinctly un-winelike. I must confess that in the end I didn’t… Read more »

Bath Ales Tour-At-Home

Having ended up at Bath Ales’ Chophouse one evening while visiting a friend in Bristol (and enjoying some fine, if slightly over-chilled, draft Gem), I’ve been looking forward to exploring the entire ranger of beers that are on offer from this brewery – especially when I realised that they’d been founded by people from the… Read more »

Tesco Finest Beers

Supermarkets have been selling ‘own label’ products forever. Beer is no exception – I’ve reviewed Aldi’s Finchley’s Ales IPA previously here, and I’ve got another of their bottles lurking downstairs in my “to be reviewed” pile. Usually, the actual producers of these own label products are fairly obscure; although it’s suspected that Aldi use Bateman’s… Read more »