Introducing Kavey Eats, Pete Drinks

Pete is definitely the drinker in our household.

I don't drink much, myself. Not that I'm against drinking, or even worried about it from a health perspective. It's just that I don't like beer. Or wine (with the exception of the very sweet stuff). I do like some drinks of course - dessert wine for a start, or a glass of syrupy PX; a refreshing Pimms is an essential part of summer; I can't resist sweet, colourful cocktails - an umbrella and maraschino cherry make them even better; and I'm quite a fan of sickly sweet liqueurs from Amaretto to Amarula , from Midori to Tia Maria. Oh, and vodka, I quite like that too, especially the vintage Russian stuff I’ve recently been introduced to. But a distaste for beer and normal wine(as opposed to the sweet stuff) means that I seldom drink during meals and have become quite used to sticking to the softies. To be fair, this isn't a big deal, I drank so much as a student it's a wonder my brain survived - though there are those who might argue it didn't, entirely! This goes some way to explaining why this blog has been all about the eating.

So back to Pete.

He very much enjoys red wine, has a big soft spot for Scottish malt whisky, especially from Islay, and he loves a good beer - especially real ales (he's a member of CAMRA). For ages, he's been muttering about blogging some of the beers he's been drinking. Being realistic, he admits he'd never maintain a blog of his own but I've suggested he provide guest posts for me here on Kavey Eats and he’s agreed.

And so, I'd like to introduce a new series on Kavey Eats which will appear under the heading "Pete Drinks".

Pete will be sharing his feedback on a wide range of beers from all around the world. I suspect a few wines and whiskies may also creep into the mix too!

These posts will appear in the main Kavey Eats RSS feed.

This post was originally published 25th June, 2010. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.