Zebedee Beer Slushy

Having been a co-conspirator in a previous month with our Beer & Nuts Ice Cream, this month I decided to make my very own entry for Kavey's Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream. April's theme is Sorbets, Granitas, Shaved Ice Desserts, Slushies and Spoom!

Obviously it had to be something beer-related, because as I've said before – beer makes everything better. Given my inclination to laziness and drinking, a slushy sounded like a perfect plan.

So, how do you make a slushy? I had absolutely no idea, so I made it up. It seemed to call for something sweet, and not too strong to freeze solid – my freshly made homebrew, Zebedee, seemed a perfect choice. This went into a flattish plastic box (on the basis that it would freeze easiest that way) and was shoved it into the freezer for a few days.


Happily, the beer crystallised perfectly and when turned out into a bowl it crumbled fairly easily into flakes using just a fork. I did briefly consider whizzing it up in our blender, but some after some experimentation found it ended up more like beer snow than beer slushy.

Breaking It Up

Underneath that ice was a little dribble of concentrated beer liquor; pouring that over the flaked beer ice made it more slushy-like, like a flavoured syrup. It also made me seriously curious about ice distillation – unless of course that's illegal to do at home in the UK in which case I certainly didn't think about it and it didn't even happen.

Kavey added some honey to hers, which brought an excellent added sweetness to it – I would suggest doing that before freezing the beer, however, as adding runny honey to a glass full of ice just makes for a block of solid honey!


So there you have it – Zebedee in two different forms. Delicious either way!

Ice Cream Challenge

This post was originally published 22nd April, 2012. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.