Taylors Lazy Sunday

Taylors Lazy Sunday
Taylors Lazy Sunday
Brand: Taylors

Although I've tried a lot of different coffees, especially courtesy of the work coffee club, the one thing they generally have in common is that they're at the stronger end of the scale.

When the nice folk at Taylors recently sent me some samples, they included some coffees from the 'medium roast' end of their range, so I have an opportunity to expand my horizons.

Today's coffee is Lazy Sunday, a low (for me) strength 3 offering from the weaker end of Taylors Lifestyle range.

The grounds reflect the relatively light roasting, a mid brown reminiscent of instant coffee. There's a distinct tobacco aroma to them that reminds me of my Dad's old pipe tobacco jar. There's no sweetness in evidence, and the coffee aroma itself is subtle and underneath is just a hint of something spicy – chilli, or paprika.

Brewed, there's a more pronounced coffee aroma but it still lacks that roasted richness. There's also a lack of sweetness – just some slight touches of dead twigs (sorry, that's the only way I can describe it) and an undercurrent of bitterness.

The lower strength is apparent on tasting; the medium roasted coffee flavour is there, but it's understated and this, along with the low sweetness, allows the natural bitterness to come through more strongly. It's not weak, and the body is still reasonable but it lacks the depth of flavour I would prefer.

Of course, in a sense it's unfair to judge Lazy Sunday too harshly for failing to be a big, brash coffee – it's intended to be "so mild and moreish you can enjoy cup after cup". It comes close, but for a relatively mild coffee I find the finish just a touch too bitter.

As one of the handful of lower strength coffees at work, it scored a slightly harsh 5.75 out of 10 – suffering at the hands of fans of bigger coffees. Given that it's intended to be mild, it earns 3 stars here.

Many thanks to Taylors for supplying this coffee to sample.

This review was originally published 12th November, 2012. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.