Reads Coffee Kenya Thiriku AB

Reads Coffee Kenya Thiriku AB
Reads Coffee Kenya Thiriku AB
Country: Kenya
Brand: Reads Coffee

We're back to Dorset-based coffee roasters Reads Coffee today, this time from their 'Origins' range - although at the time of writing, this particular coffee has been replaced with one from another area of Kenya.

Kenya Thiriku AB comes from the central region of Kenya; Thiriku is a co-operative based just outside the town of Nyeri.

I've seen Kenya 'AA' coffee but this is the first 'AB' grade I've come across. This is a grade of size rather than quality, with 'AB' beans being slightly smaller than 'AA', although presumably the smaller size will have some effect on the roasting process.

The grounds have quite a sweet aroma; milk chocolate and hints of fresh lemonade, with a suggestion of green wood in the background.

Brewed, the lemon acidity continues, joined by a gentle nutty character.

In the mouth, the body is light and the acidity is assertive - indeed, the rest of the flavours are somewhat overwhelmed by it. There's a slight sweetness, and more nuttiness lurking behind it but the flavours are subtle to the point of obscurity.

The lightness makes it a refreshing cuppa, but I like my coffee to have more depth. 2.5 stars.

Pete Drinks received a free sample of this coffee to enjoy!

This review was originally published 24th October, 2016. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.