Pact Fazenda Sertao

Pact Fazenda Sertao
Pact Fazenda Sertao
Country: Brazil
Region: Carmo de Minas
Brand: Pact

After enthusing about Pact's single sentence summaries in my last review, I've realised that the last few packets I've received have all followed a similar theme - milk chocolate, cherries, that kind of thing.

In some ways this is entirely reasonable. Coffee often has a red fruit character - the bean comes from the inside of a coffee "cherry" after all - and a more gentle roast can easily produce chocolate tones. However, for a service offering me a new coffee with every delivery there comes a point when they all start to taste the same.

Fazenda Sertao takes us in a new direction happily, promising "apricot and apple compote". I can honestly say I've never encountered a coffee that had me thinking of those terms so it's an intriguing start.

The grounds have a distinctly light fruit aroma; dried apricot without the sweetness, and tobacco leaves too. Brewed, the tobacco is lost and a slightly marzipan tone appears and some subtle caramel sweetness comes through as well.

In the mouth it's light and lacking in sweetness. There's a decent, slightly acidic bitterness but the fruits in the aroma are lost and there's not a great deal to replace it.

There's nothing actively wrong with this coffee, but it's flat and uninspiring. 1.5 stars.

This review was originally published 20th July, 2015. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.