Ginevra Miscela Selezionata

Ginevra Miscela Selezionata
Ginevra Miscela Selezionata
Brand: Ginevra

After a long winter of whisky, it's definitely time to get back to the caffeinated side of the fence, with a return to our exploration of Ginevra's range. So far I've been impressed by these Italian coffees, so let's see if they continue to please in 2017.

Miscela Selezionata is translated as a "selected blend of coffee for professionals", and as such is imported in fairly large bags. This explains the rather appealing, hand-labelled packaging (unless you have a coffee habit big enough to buy beans by the kilo).

The grounds are fairly dark, with a rich, milk chocolate aroma along with a gentle fresh nuttiness. Over time, a subtle lemon acidity comes through too.

Brewed, the chocolate notes are lost but the acidic lemon character comes through more strongly and the nuttiness becomes more roasted.

In the mouth, it's the acidity that dominates - it's the first thing to hit the tip of your tongue, and it lingers after you've swallowed. In between, there a nicely balancing milk chocolate sweetness that keeps the acidity briefly under control.

If the acidity was just a little held back this would be a wonderful coffee but as it is, I find it just a touch too unbalanced - 3 stars.

Many thanks to Caffe Ginevra for providing samples of this coffee.

This review was originally published 30th January, 2017. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.