East India Company Galapagos Enchanted Islands

East India Company Galapagos Enchanted Islands
East India Company Galapagos Enchanted Islands
Country: Ecuador
Region: Galapagos
Brand: East India Company

The East India Company is a name with 400 years of history, which has been talked about by people far smarter than me. Although immediately associated in my mind with tea, from the very beginning it was involved with importing all manner of goods from the East Indies - primarily from the Indian subcontinent and China.

The modern East India Company was(re)founded in 2005, the original company having been dissolved in 1874 after a history that could be fairly described as 'chequered'. While continuing to focus on on similar commodities, they now source their products on a truly global scale.

The Galapagos Enchanted Islands coffee comes, as the name suggests, from the Galapagos Islands. Situated nearly 1000km west of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, Galapagos is more famous for its natural history than its agriculture. It was here that Charles Darwin began to develop his theories of natural selection, and its geographical isolation results in a unique ecosystem.

A Crab!

Its importance to biodiversity is internationally recognised, and this is reflected in the fact that over 97% of the land mass is designated as a National Park surrounded by a marine reserve second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef.

Quite where they fit a coffee plantation in all that, I don't know. But they do!

The grounds have quite a sweet aroma; black cherries in syrup and lightly toast bread blend nicely with an undercurrent of old, worn wood. Brewed, the sweetness is replaced by a subtle fruit acidity.

In the mouth, the subtle flavours are lead by a gentle dark fruit, with just a suggestion of milk chocolate leading into a gentle but sustained bitter finish.

Overall, it's a little underpowered for me but it's a very drinkable coffee and, if you prefer your caffeine on the gentle side, it may be one to seek out. 3 stars.

Many thanks to the East India Company for this sample.

This review was originally published 2nd June, 2014. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.