Douwe Egberts Morning Americano

Douwe Egberts Morning Americano
Douwe Egberts Morning Americano
Brand: Douwe Egberts

I have to admit, when I read the name Douwe Egberts it doesn't say "top notch coffee" to me. For some reason associate the name with the sort of coffee that you get served in pubs - the stuff that's been sat in the filter carafe since last April and has been brewed so weak and cheaply that it tastes of nothing but bitter cigarette butts.

But that's hardly the coffee's fault, and the bright yellow packet promising me a "dark & energetic" coffee persuaded me that it was about time to give Douwe Egberts a fair chance.

Morning Americano is the strongest ground coffee of their range.

The grounds are certainly dark; the deep rich brown of a good dark chocolate. The aroma is warm and rich - soft brown sugar, hot wet wood, ripe raspberries and just a whiff of lime juice in the background.

Brewed, the sweetness and red fruit remain but the woody character becomes harsher, almost burnt.

In the mouth, that slightly burnt bitterness is what hits first but that's quickly countered by a rich red berry fruit and just enough sweetness to give a full body without getting too heavy. The finish has a growing but well controlled acidity that doesn't linger too long.

The aroma is more subtle and complex than the flavour, but even so it's a pretty tasty morning coffee - 4 stars.

This review was originally published 18th May, 2015. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.