Bewley's Gold Roast

Bewley's Gold Roast
Bewley's Gold Roast
Brand: Bewley's

Since I've been reviewing coffee from Irish producer Bewley's, I've noticed that they are now stocked in our local Waitrose. While I'm certain that my reviews are not entirely responsible, it does at least mean they are more easily available than before!

This is Gold Roast, a coffee on the weaker side of my usual range.

The grounds have a surprisingly rich aroma; warm embers, dried cherries dipped in dark chocolate and a hint of golden syrup.

Brewed, the coffee retains the hot wood and dark fruit character, although the chocolate notes have faded.

The flavours are understated, but then it's a medium strength coffee so that's no real surprise. It's gently fruity, with just an edge of woodiness and a nicely balancing bitter edge to it. The finish is nicely dry, and despite the gentle flavours the coffee retains a medium body.

Not as robust as my usual coffee, but a very nice cup regardless and deserving of three stars.

Many thanks to Bord Bia for these samples.

This review was originally published 23rd September, 2013. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.