An Introduction

Despite appearances, I don't live a life as fuelled by beer and whisky as this blog suggests. Sadly, the day job requires that I remain reasonably sober and awake, and my soft drink of choice has always been coffee.

If I'm honest, I have historically tended to drink whatever coffee came out of the vending machine but when I ended up in a contract working with some old friends, I quickly joined their coffee club. We had a large cafetiere and worked our way through every coffee we could get our hands on, and even kept score.

Latte Nose

This is where things got interesting. We all had different tastes (a certain gentleman even polluted his coffee with sugar) and yet our eventual rankings were broadly in line with each other. We ended up with top marked coffees which we all agreed were great.

Sadly, all we recorded was a score out of ten, so although I can tell you that, for example, Taylors ranked as one of our favourite brands (with four of their coffees in our top ten), I don't have any tasting notes to share with you.

Happily, this means I'll have to taste them all again, record some proper thoughts and post some reviews of them all here. Rather than trying to find a sufficiently small cafetiere, I've invested in an Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker which seems to be something that every 'proper' coffee person I speak to swears by.

For the record, I've found the instructions for the Aeropress produce a very nice cup of coffee, but lacks the aroma you get from a cafetiere brew. I've taken to letting the coffee soak for 30 seconds before plunging, which seems to bring out the aroma without bringing too much bitterness across. Aside from that, I follow the instructions as normal, add hot water and a dash of milk to make a nice mug of fresh coffee.

So far, my exposure to coffee has mostly been driven by what my local supermarket has to offer – if anyone has any recommendations of coffees to try, please comment here and I will add them to my to-drink list!

Photo courtesy of that Matt Gibson fellow again. It's his own fault for taking such nice pictures.

This post was originally published 18th September, 2012. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.