Aldi Specially Selected Kenyan Coffee

Aldi Specially Selected Kenyan Coffee
Aldi Specially Selected Kenyan Coffee
Country: Kenya
Brand: Aldi

Aldi is a curious place to shop. Their prices are undeniably lower than the traditional big supermarkets, but their products are ... variable. They've had some remarkable whisky at times, and some terrible 'beer'. I'm a big fan of their pastries, and a lot of their staples are pretty decent.

Their own brand clones are also a bit of a gamble. Don't try their Nature Valley bar clones unless you enjoy eating cardboard blended with hay, but their jaffa cakes score comparably with McVities.

Their Specially Selected range is usually a pretty safe bet, so when I spotted a trio of coffees I thought it was well worth giving them a try.

Aldi Specially Selected Kenyan Coffee is fairly darkly roasted, but is described as medium strength.

The grounds have a fruity aroma - satsumas with a touch milk chocolate in the background. Brewed, it's a little less sweet, the citrus notes moving closer to lime.

In the mouth it's got a nice, gentle acidity with some well balanced sweet sugar notes. It's on the edge of being too light, but as a daytime 'work coffee' it's pretty decent.

Overall, 3 stars - for less than £2 a pack, it's well worth keeping in the cupboard.

This review was originally published 18th January, 2016. It was last updated 1st June, 2023.