Advent: Day 22 – Four Roses Small Batch

Four Roses have been a regular in this year’s calendar but looking at the scores from both the straight bourbon and single barrel, that’s no bad thing. The big question is, can they make it three hits in a row? Four Roses Small Batch sits neatly in the middle of the previous two offerings, both in… Read more »

Advent: Day 21 – Jefferson’s Reserve

Back to Jefferson’s, which fills me with trepidation after being fairly unimpressed with their standard bourbon. Still, I was impressed with their Presidential Select a few years ago so this could go either way! Jefferson’s Reserve is marketed is the “bigger brother” to their standard bourbon, bottled at a slightly higher 45.1% ABV and with… Read more »

Advent: Day 19 – Hudson Baby Bourbon

Hudson Whiskey was the first whiskey distillery to open in New York State since Prohibition, having opened their doors ten years ago. Since then they’ve been joined by an increasing flood of fellow producers, with some sources suggesting that the state’s distilleries are up into triple figures! Baby Bourbon is a 100% corn bourbon, bottled… Read more »

Advent: Day 18 – Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2004

After bemoaning the problem of “mass market” single barrel bourbon, it’s nice to see Evan Williams taking a slightly different approach – by providing a vintage, they give themselves the flexibility to explore different flavour profiles every year, and expose some of that individuality I was muttering about yesterday. Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2004… Read more »