Whisky Wednesday: Woodford Reserve

After mentioning it in last week’s post, it only seems right to give the bottle that re-introduced me to bourbon a post of it’s own. A couple of years ago we were on holiday with a friend who had spent some time in the States and on noticing this in the local supermarket, he excitedly… Read more »

Whisky Wednesday: Old Fitzgerald 1849

Another step in my exploration of international whiskies takes me to the US, home of bourbon. I have to confess that my introduction to bourbon was about as rocky as my introduction to scotch – in this instance it was a miniature of Jim Beam in a fresher’s pack at university. I obviously drank it… Read more »

Whisky Wednesday: Nikka Pure Malt Red

Continuing the Japanese theme, we move on to the other major producer – Nikka. Nikka was founded by Masataka Taketsuru, one of the team who helped set up Suntory’s first distillery in Yamazaki so it appears that the Japanese whisky industry is as incestuous as the Scottish! This is the Nikka Pure Malt Red, a… Read more »

Whisky Wednesday: The Yamazaki 18 Year Old

We recently booked a holiday to Japan for later this year, and this is my first proper exploration into their whisky in preparation for the trip – and courtesy of some friends with excellent taste in Christmas presents. I know very little about the Japanese whisky scene, so any hints and tips will be gratefully… Read more »