Whisky Wednesday: Evan Williams Extra

Evan Williams has quite a range of bourbon in their stable; their Extra (also known as Evan Williams Black) is part of their core. So here we have Evan Williams Extra, a dram that sounds more Welsh than Kentucky! It’s a relatively pale looking bourbon with no age statement, which leads me to suspect it’s… Read more »

Irish Whisk(e)y for Saint Patrick’s Day

My meandering around the world of whisky has taken in a variety of nationalities – American, Japanese and of course Scots – but until now I haven’t mentioned Ireland. This is something of an oversight, not least because the Irish will have you believe that they invented the stuff. They’re hardly unique in this claim,… Read more »

Whisky Wednesday: Fighting Cock 6 Year Old

I have to confess to being a little prejudiced against this week’s bourbon before I opened the bottle. For a start, it’s relatively young – only 6 years old – and although I know that you can have some great young whiskies (Kilchoman comes to mind), most of the time the longer a whisky sits in… Read more »