Feis Ile: Bunnahabhain

Another day, another distillery and yes, another picture postcard little bay in glorious sunshine and under blue skies. I’m conscious that I’ve probably used the words “pretty” and “beautiful” far too often this week, but Islay in the sun really does defy any other description. Bunnahabhain certainly has the beautiful location, although the buildings themselves… Read more »

A New Bottle Opener

As I may have mentioned once or twice(!) I somehow managed to win Saveur’s “Best Wine Or Beer Blog 2012” award a few months ago. At the time, I thought the only prize was the warm fuzzy feeling of success and some new readers but I recently got an email asking for my mailing address… Read more »

Introducing Kavey Eats, Pete Drinks

Pete is definitely the drinker in our household. I don’t drink much, myself. Not that I’m against drinking, or even worried about it from a health perspective. It’s just that I don’t like beer. Or wine (with the exception of the very sweet stuff). I do like some drinks of course – dessert wine for… Read more »