Kyoto Craft Heian Beer

Kyoto has quite a thriving craft brewing scene. As my Japanese isn’t quite up to reading all the bottles, I’ve picked a fairly random one to enjoy here! As with so many Japanese companies, Kinshi Masamune have a diverse portfolio. They are primarily a sake producer but started also brewing beer in 1997. This is… Read more »

Takayama Dark Ale

The joy of visiting other countries is the opportunity to try the local food and, just as importantly, the local drinks. So when in Takayama we came across beers from the Hida Takayama Brewing Agricultural Corporation, I had to try some. This is their Dark Ale, an intriguing brew at 5.0% ABV. It’s not as… Read more »

Suntory The Premium Malt’s

When you find yourself in a Tokyo hotel, you can’t help exploring. It turns out that there’s a vending machine just down the hallway, which serves surprisingly cheap beer. Suntory is a name I associate more with whisky than beer, but I suppose the basic product (pre distillation at least) is very similar. So, what… Read more »

Hop Harvest Time

Hops are pretty important things in the world of beer (although that hasn’t always been the case). They’re so important I’ve even gone to the extent of planting my own in the garden this year. As we approached the end of summer and I was looking at my hop-laden plant, a part of me was… Read more »