Bath Ales Tour-At-Home

Having ended up at Bath Ales’ Chophouse one evening while visiting a friend in Bristol (and enjoying some fine, if slightly over-chilled, draft Gem), I’ve been looking forward to exploring the entire ranger of beers that are on offer from this brewery – especially when I realised that they’d been founded by people from the… Read more »

The Kernel Brewery Tour-At-Home

One of the many things on my beer-drinking to-do list is to sample everything that London brewers have to offer, so when I find myself in Borough Market one Saturday I take the opportunity to head down the road to The Kernel Brewery. Tucked away under the railway arches not far from London Bridge station,… Read more »

Bristol Beer Factory Tour-At-Home

I so enjoyed my first Tour-At-Home, working though Marble’s beers, that it inspired me to do more in depth explorations of breweries. I’ve been following the Bristol Beer Factory on Twitter for a little while, so when I stumbled across some of their bottles in Borough Market (at the excellent Utobeer stall, run by the… Read more »

Marble Brewery Tour-At-Home

One of the many joys of writing this blog is that people have a tendency to tell you about their favourite small brewery, which is often a new discovery. If you’re extra lucky, that person is so enthusiastic that they’ll haul back a selection of said brewery’s products for you, which is why I have… Read more »