Oxfordshire Ales Tour-At-Home

Continuing my journey through my last box of goodies from AlesByMail, we reach Oxfordshire Ales – a microbrewery based in the wonderfully named village of Marsh Gibbon. They produce a fairly small range of traditional ales, and here we have their entire bottled range. First up is Triple B, a 3.7% session beer. A deep… Read more »

Compass Brewery Tour-At-Home

The Compass Brewery is a small, relatively new outfit based in Oxfordshire with a small but interesting range of bottled beer. They don’t appear to bottle condition (based largely on the lack of yeast – the labels are rather unclear on the matter) but we won’t hold that against them until we taste the results!… Read more »

Sambrook’s Brewery Tour-At-Home

Today, I get to continue my mission to sample all the beer brewed in London, this time with Sambrook’s Brewery. Based in Battersea, they’ve been brewing since 2008 in both draft and bottled form and, as we shall see, they certainly know a thing or two about great beer! We start with Wandle, a 4.2%… Read more »

Mersea Island Brewery Tour-At-Home

I stumbled across the Mersea Island Brewery at a food festival last year. Actually, what I stumbled across was the Mersea Island Vineyard stall (wines from Essex? who knew?!) and noticed that one end of their stall was filled with the bottles above, looking distinctly un-winelike. I must confess that in the end I didn’t… Read more »