Neath Ales Brewery Tour-At-Home

I picked up this collection of beers from Neath Ales at last year’s Abergavenny Food Festival; I always have my eye open for small local breweries at such events that I might otherwise have never encountered and Abergavenny was pleasantly productive. We start with Green Bullet, a 6.0% IPA – named for the New Zealand… Read more »

Brewdog Mini Brewery Tour-At-Home

As I’ve mentioned before, Brewdog have been on my list for a Tour-At-Home for a long time. They’re a very polarising brand; brash, aggressive and firmly of the opinion that any publicity is good publicity. It’s not an attitude that really does much for me to be honest, and I’d disregard them if it wasn’t… Read more »

Westerham Brewery Tour-At-Home

It’s been too long since one of these, and the beer collection keeps on growing! And so to Westerham, a Kentish brewery based on a National Trust farm. First up then, is Scotney Best Bitter at 4.3%. It has a nice amber colour but quite a feeble head with large bubbles that quickly faded to… Read more »

Robinson’s Brewery Tour-At-Home

Robinson’s featured rather well in our recent Alcoholic Ginger Beer test, taking both first and third place in the ‘beery’ section of the review. So it seemed only sensible to grab hold of the rest of their bottled range and see what the brewery has to offer. They have quite an extensive range of draft… Read more »