Wooden Hand Brewery Tour-At-Home

I always make it a mission to hunt down local beer when I’m travelling, and our trip down to Cornwall last year was no exception. As well as managing to pop into, among others, Harbour Brewing, I also picked up some bottles to enjoy back home. This is the range from Wooden Hand Brewery, although… Read more »

Bristol Beer Factory Tour

Bristol Beer Factory have featured here before, in an early Tour At Home. I’ve remained a big fan of theirs, so when we found ourselves passing through Bristol on the way back from our Cornwall Tour earlier this year, I jumped at the chance to visit. Although only opened in 2005, Bristol Beer Factory is… Read more »

Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour-At-Home

Sierra Nevada are probably one of the best known US brewers in this country. As with many great breweries, they were founded 30 years ago in California by a keen homebrewer who dreamt of taking things to the next level. Their Pale Ale is widely available in supermarkets and bars, and it’s happily easy to… Read more »

London Fields Brewery Tour-At-Home

London Fields Brewery is one of those exciting young breweries that have been restoring the brewing scene to the city in the last few years. Founded only last year, they’ve already had to upgrade from their original 2 barrel plant to a new 10 barrel one, just to keep up with demand. Throughout last autumn… Read more »