Fourpure Brewery Tour-At-Home

Edit: It’s probably worth reading this in combination with On Ageing…; in short, the issues I mention below were age and/or condition related – in a good state, the beer is excellent! Fourpure are one of the Bermondsey Breweries; that strange cluster of beermongers nestling under the railway line out of London Bridge. They’re a… Read more »

Redemption Brewery Tour-At-Home

It’s fair to say that the majority of my beer drinking is done at home – in keeping, I imagine, with the majority of beer drinkers. Although the true aficionados will tell you that beer is at its best fresh from the cask (or keg, depending on which side of the CAMRA fence they sit)… Read more »

The Redchurch Brewery Tour-At-Home

The Redchurch Brewery was founded in East London back in 2011 and I hope it doesn’t give too much away to say that they’ve become one of my favourite breweries. Not only do they make some wonderfully tasty beer – more on that in a moment – but their overall design is a thing of… Read more »

Lizard Ales Tour-At-Home

Continuing our round-up of Cornish breweries, we reach Lizard Ales, a brewery which has been based in a nuclear bunker since 2008. It’s somehow comforting to know that even after a nuclear war, we’ll still have some breweries in production. From the look of their website, their range has changed slightly since this collection; White… Read more »