Anspach & Hobday Tour-At-Home

Anspach & Hobday have been on my ‘to try’ list for a long time, but somehow they never ended up in my basket when restocking my cupboard. This is the slight downside to the current explosion of new breweries – it’s impossible to keep up with them all! We ended up visiting them by accident… Read more »

O’Hara’s Brewery Tour At Home

If Saint Patrick’s Day this year proved anything, it’s that large portions of the UK seem to think that the only beer Ireland has even heard of is stout. I even saw pubs proudly tweeting their beery line-ups for the day, consisting entirely of stouts that weren’t even from Ireland. This is, of course, absurd…. Read more »

Belvoir Brewery Tour-At-Home

Belvoir Brewery is a Leicestershire brewery, just a stone’s throw from Melton Mowbray – home of pies and cheese fairs. It’s now 20 years old, which isn’t ancient by any measure but certainly means it pre-dates the craft beer revolution. They have a number of beers in their core range – the website lists 8,… Read more »

Five Points Brewery Tour-At-Home

The Five Points Brewing Co is based (where else) in Hackney, along with half of the other breweries to be found in London. It must be something in the water. The rather curious name comes from their location, based right next to a five fingered road junction that could so easily have led to them… Read more »