Silverback Distillery

When thinking about US spirit production, I have to admit that Virginia is not the first state that comes to mind. The big ones, obviously, are Kentucky and Tennessee, but it turns out that every US state (with the exception of Hawaii) has at least one distillery in action. Silverback are a recent addition to… Read more »

Meantime Brewing Company Tour

Meantime, based in Greenwich, have been on my list of places to visit for a lot longer than I’ve been blogging. The first of the new wave of London breweries, they’ve been in operation since 2000 and moved to their current site ten years later. In common with many London breweries, they’re based in a… Read more »

Whisky Wednesday: Yamazaki Distillery Tour

Yamazaki is one of Suntory’s two distilleries in Japan and is described as “the birthplace of Japanese whisky”. It was impossible to resist a visit when we were staying a few nights in Kyoto, just a short train ride away. As you can see, it’s quite easy to get to by train! It’s perhaps not… Read more »

Brewpub: Dukes Brew & Que

Dukes Brew and Que is the home of one of a number of breweries to have opened in London this year, Beavertown Brewery. It’s a bit of a mission of mine to explore every London brewery, so when the Craft Beer Social Club invited us along to their BBQ Beer Feast I jumped at the… Read more »