Fuller’s & Friends – Peat Souper

I’ve been quite a fan of Fuller’s for some years, ever since I worked out that my initial lack of enthusiasm was caused not by the beer itself, but by the lacklustre cellarmanship of our local Fuller’s pub which had made me think that Pride was this bland and slightly funky tasting pint. After visiting… Read more »

Hackney Coffee Kingsland

The Hackney Coffee Company has only been in business for a couple of years, housed in a family-owned premises that has over the years seen service as a garage, depot and even brewery before entering the world of coffee. Their coffee blends are all named for local landmarks or history, which certainly helps root them… Read more »

Greenall’s London Dry Gin

Greenall’s is produced by G&J Distillers, who claim to be the oldest distiller in Britain – although if I had a bottle from every distillery that said that, I could open a bar. The original recipe – still in use today – was created in 1761 by Thomas Dakin, which certainly predates any distillery I’ve… Read more »

CaféDirect Tarrazu Reserve

CaféDirect have had a bit of a rebrand recently; the packaging certainly looks crisper and more modern, and they’ve dropped the rather curious “made the small way” slogan that bemused me so much when I reviewed their Colombia coffee a few years ago. Then again, they’ve replaced it with “Ridiculously Good Coffee” which is, while… Read more »