Fuller’s & Friends – Matariki

Saisons are very ‘on-trend’ at the moment – every craft brewery worth its salt seems to brew one, just as last year they all had to brew lager. So it was inevitable, perhaps, that one would show up in this collection. That said, I hadn’t expected Marble to be the folk to do it; in… Read more »

Fuller’s & Friends – Rebirth

Although Fuller’s best known beer is probably London Pride, their ESB is arguably the best beer in their standard lineup. That’s not┬ájust me saying that, as ESB has twice been crowned World Champion Beer. This collaboration with Moor Beer isn’t just about rebrewing that stalwart, though. They’ve taken the original 1971 recipe, and enhanced it… Read more »

Fuller’s & Friends – New England IPA

Forgive me for saying so, but Cloudwater have always felt a bit…. cult-y to me. Their beers seem to attain legendary status before the yeast has settled, and that (combined, to be fair, with their usually substantial ABV) drives the price into “you have got to be joking” territory. Their DIPAs are the pinnacle of… Read more »

Fuller’s & Friends – Galleon

Although the brewer in me knows that ‘lager’ is, ultimately, nothing more than a technical term I’m also aware that, in mainstream UK terms, ‘lager’ is a fairly specific thing – it’s light and crisp and generally fairly subtly-hopped. It’s somewhere that’s usually safe to go when a non-beery friend says “oh just get me… Read more »