Monster Beer: The Kernel IPA Double Black

The Kernel is a brewery I’ve enthused about before; they were the subject of one of my earlier Brewery Tours At Home and I’ve always loved their beer. Finding myself in the general vicinity of London Bridge recently on a Saturday, I took the opportunity to pop down to the brewery and pick up a… Read more »

Monster Beer: Marble Tripel

This week sees the start of a run of monster beers from breweries I know and love – in this instance Marble, who were the subject of one of my Tours-At-Home and were broadly judged to be lovely. So, when my regular online beer pusher – ahem, sorry, supplier – mentioned on Twitter that they… Read more »

Monster Beer: Dark Star Imperial

Dark Star is a Sussex based brewer that started life nearly 20 years ago as a brewpub and has grown to be a fairly large brewery – the second largest in the county – with an impressive range of beers. Sadly (for the bottle-buying drinkers) most of their production goes into casks, but a small… Read more »