Home Brewing: AG9 – Cupboard Ale

A few months ago, sat in a field outside a train station at the Reading Beer Festival (which, for the record, is my favourite beer festival in the country) I made a rather rash promise to make some beer especially for my friend Dave’s party. Now, I’ve let people try my home brew before –… Read more »

Home Brewing: AG8 – #IPADay Version 2

Last year, I almost accidentally made my #IPADay. Not that I didn’t mean to make beer – that would be impressive even by my standards – but that I didn’t really know what I was making until I’d made it, and didn’t even realise IPA Day existed before I was bottling it! I’ve always suspected… Read more »

Home Brewing: AG7 – Coffee Stout

In the approach to Christmas, it seemed time to make another dark beer. Last year’s Christmas Ale was an interesting experiment, but the spicing was a little odd so this year I decided to make something a little more conventional and that smelt slightly less like Dr. Pepper. However, as it’s boring to make something… Read more »

Home Brewing: AG6 – Hop Harvest

This year, there seems to have been an explosion in making ‘green hop beers’ – just about every brewery you look at seems to be making a special beer with the first hops of the season, straight from the bine. Having planted my first hop plant this spring, I wasn’t really expecting to see any… Read more »