Home Brewing: AG14 – Pete’s Porter

Having got pretty comfortable with my Coffee Stout (which after much soul-searching I’ve started calling a Coffee Porter instead), I decided that I should really try and produce a ‘natural’ porter. While I love my coffee beers, sometimes you just want a beer flavoured beer – besides, for some strange reason I find the coffee… Read more »

Home Brewing: AG13 – Hop Panic!

This story has two rather contradictory morals to it, but they’re both equally valuable lessons. Moral 1: Plan Ahead I started out with the intention of re-making my previously successful #IPADay, because it’s a lovely beer and my store of the previous batch was running low. The brew day started out well enough, and the… Read more »

Home Brewing: AG12 – Bramling Best

It’s all very well brewing fancy IPAs and delicious Coffee Porters, but the one thing my homebrew cupboard was missing was a good session bitter. I also had an alarming quantity of Bramling Cross hops from the garden. When I bought myself a hop plant, I didn’t really appreciate the volume of hops that a… Read more »

A Brew Day In A Brewery

I’ve been a home brewer for quite a while now, and I’ve always been pretty pleased with the results – it’s always come out tasting like beer (without that odd homebrew tang that I got back in my “beer in a bag” days at university), and when I’ve given it to other people to try,… Read more »