A World Of Whisky At Pullman St Pancras

The area around Kings Cross & St Pancras has been transformed in recent years. It’s increasingly hard to resist the temptation to pause there on the way home, be it for a quick drink at the tiny-but-full-of-great-beer Euston Tap, or a bottle-cupboard-filling diversion to Sourced Market. The Pullman London St Pancras Hotel offers another temptation,… Read more »

The Great British Beer Festival

This week sees the Great British Beer Festival once again hitting Earls Court in London. Being both a beer fan and Londoner, it’s something of an embarrassment that I’ve never managed to attend before, so this year I made the effort and headed down this afternoon (in a cunning attempt to avoid the worst of… Read more »

Beer & Bangers at Wholefoods

Living as I do in the boonies of NW London, Whole Foods in Kensington High Street is quite a trek, so not a regular shopping destination for me. Which is a shame, because it’s an utterly amazing place with all kinds of food and drink temptations. I could spend hours and hours and hours and… Read more »