Coffee: Peet’s Sumatra

I love coffee, so whenever we’re away I like to keep my eyes open for something new. When I came across Peet’s Coffee on a recent trip to Virginia, it was pretty much impossible to resist – an interesting sounding coffee with my name (almost) on it! Peet’s Sumatra sounds like my kind of coffee… Read more »

Coffee: Revolver World Ethiopia

A little late this week, and back to Africa for some Yirgacheffe from a coffee co-operative called Revolver World. At this stage, I’d like to talk a little more about the co-operative but at the time of writing, their website has been down for some weeks so I don’t have much more information than their… Read more »

Coffee: Percol Americano

After last week’s disappointment, this week’s coffee is another case where appearances are deceptive – but with a far happier result. Percol describe their Americano as “the original ‘Joe’ that’s big and bold”. Immediately I know the kind of coffee they’re talking about; that dark, strong brew that sits in the coffee pot of just… Read more »

Coffee: Larozza Crema

Product names are important. They set your expectations and, in an ideal world, tell you everything you need to know. For example, if I order an American IPA I know to expect something pale and sweet, on the strong side and with some powerful, fruity hops. If, instead, I get a pint of Mild –… Read more »