Coffee: Bird & Wild Raul Mamani Peru

We’re used to coffee being branded by style or by region, or even by the farm of origin – but I think this is the first time that I’ve had a coffee simply branded with the name of the man who grew it. Raul Mamani‘s family smallholding is in the Tampbopata region of Peru, close… Read more »

Coffee: Bird & Wild Yeti Farm Forest Coffee

One of the curious aspects of the coffee industry is the huge range of badges and certifications. As well as the urbiquitous ‘Great Taste’ award – that black and gold sticker that seems to adorn the majority of coffee packets – there’s Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade, to mention a few. Today’s coffee introduces me… Read more »

Coffee: (I Love My) Weasel Cafe Blend

This is one of those times where branding has left me confused and uncertain about something that, on the face of it, I should be instantly in love with. I generally adore Vietnamese coffee; I honestly can’t think of a single one I’ve tried that has disappointed. And yet, I’m uneasy about the whole ‘weasel… Read more »

Coffee: Nektar Greek Coffee

I confess that until recently, I wasn’t really aware that “Greek Coffee” was a thing. I’ve only been to Greece once (I think) and although there was a lot of drinking done I don’t recall any of it being coffee – it was mostly beer, cheap wine and free ouzo. On a side note, never… Read more »