Pact Irmas Pereira

One thing I like about Pact is that their coffees always have a single-sentence summary on the packet; it’s obviously not a perfect description, but it sets your expectations quite nicely. Of course, the down side is that when you come to write a review, you have to try and ignore those expectations! Irmas Pereira… Read more »

Douwe Egberts Morning Americano

I have to admit, when I read the name Douwe Egberts it doesn’t say “top notch coffee” to me. For some reason associate the name with the sort of coffee that you get served in pubs – the stuff that’s been sat in the filter carafe since last April and has been brewed so weak… Read more »

Coffee: Pact San Marcos Timana

This week’s coffee takes us back to the folk at Pact. After the first offering in my renewed subscription, I’ve got some high expectations – so let’s see if they can continue to impress. San Marcos Timana is from the southwest of Colombia – San Marcos being the region within Timana from which the coffee… Read more »

Coffee: Pact Fig Pudding Espresso

I had a subscription with coffee-mongers Pact last year, but for a couple of reasons it wasn’t destined to be a long-term thing. Firstly, their coffees were generally on the weak side for me and secondly I simply couldn’t keep up with a new coffee from them every fortnight in addition to all the other… Read more »