Aldi Specially Selected Kenyan Coffee

Aldi is a curious place to shop. Their prices are undeniably lower than the traditional big supermarkets, but their products are … variable. They’ve had some remarkable whisky at times, and some terrible ‘beer’. I’m a big fan of their pastries, and a lot of their staples are pretty decent. Their own brand clones are also… Read more »

Pact Finca La Esperanza

After a remarkably booze-filled festive period, it’s about time to get back to the caffeinated side of life! Today we’re back to Central America, and the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Finca La Esperanza is a relatively light roasted coffee, as the picture hopefully shows. Despite this, the grounds have a rich fruity aroma – apricots softened by milk… Read more »

CafeDirect Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest volcano in Africa although, thankfully, it hasn’t had a major eruption for more than a third of a million years. This is good news for coffee lovers, because it’s location and elevation make it perfect coffee growing territory. Kilimanjaro is a medium strength coffee from CafeDirect. The grounds have a remarkably fruity aroma… Read more »

Taylors High Voltage

I’m a big fan of Taylors – their coffee is easily available, well priced and generally pretty damn tasty. In recent months their range has expanded, with the arrival of “single origin” coffees, showcasing the character of four bean-producing nations – and hopefully more to come. Happily, their blended range remains – when I first… Read more »