Grumpy Mule Peru Cafe Femenino

I’ve tasted Grumpy Mule before, although not for a long time. Back then, I was a little underwhelmed – although to be fair, that was one of the weakest coffees in their range so it perhaps wasn’t the best starting point for someone with my tastes. It’s taken quite a while, but finally I have… Read more »

Pact Bibi Plantation

It’s fair to say that at times, my coffee tasting lags slightly behind my coffee acquisition. There are some times when I’m down to my last bag, but more often there’s a half-dozen different coffees lurking in the cupboard, waiting to be tasted. That’s generally fine, because coffee – even ground coffee – keeps pretty well,… Read more »

Aldi Specially Selected Rich Java Coffee

Rounding off this trio of Aldi Specially Selected coffees, we leave the African continent and head for Indonesia. Java is apparently the world’s most populous island, despite being considerably smaller than the islands in the next two spots (Honshu in Japan, and Great Britain). And yet, they manage to fit enough coffee plantations in to help… Read more »

Aldi Specially Selected Ethiopian Coffee

Continuing my exploration of Aldi’s fancier coffees, and we move one country northwards from Kenya, to Ethiopia. Aldi Specially Selected Ethiopian Coffee is another darkly roasted coffee, rated slightly stronger than the previous Kenyan blend. The ground are sweet and dark, with chocolate-dipped black cherries and dark, sun-warmed old wood. Brewed, the chocolate becomes darker and… Read more »