Ginevra Espresso Bar

Another coffee from Italian roaster Ginevra this week, and definitely a more Italian style one. On a side note; to expose the depths of my lingual ignorance, I nearly thought this coffee was called ‘Macinato’. It was only thanks to the power of Google Translate that I realised at the last moment that this is,… Read more »

Reads Coffee Kenya Thiriku AB

We’re back to Dorset-based coffee roasters Reads Coffee today, this time from their ‘Origins’ range – although at the time of writing, this particular coffee has been replaced with one from another area of Kenya. Kenya Thiriku AB comes from the central region of Kenya; Thiriku is a co-operative based just outside the town of Nyeri…. Read more »

Ginevra Miscela Special

Italians take their coffee quite seriously. Some years ago we were visiting a friend in Italy and when we stopped in a coffee shop for a late morning cuppa, I made the mistake of asking for a cappuccino. He flat-out refused to order it, because it was “the wrong time of day” to be ordering… Read more »

Reads Coffee Sumatra Bourbon Espresso

Whenever I go somewhere new, I like to explore the local produce as much as possible. Just about anywhere you go in the world – and especially in the UK – there is guaranteed to be at least a smattering of local beers to be explored. This is increasingly the case for coffee, too. While… Read more »