Coffee: Taylors Cafe Brasilia

I’m slowly realising what a monumental can of worms I’ve opened for myself, as my “to taste” coffee cupboard is starting to look a little like my equivalent beer and whisky cupboards. Happily, this means I’m drinking a whole lot more tasty coffee than before, when I would often (don’t tell anyone) just default to… Read more »

Coffee – Taylors Lazy Sunday

Although I’ve tried a lot of different coffees, especially courtesy of the work coffee club, the one thing they generally have in common is that they’re at the stronger end of the scale. When the nice folk at Taylors recently sent me some samples, they included some coffees from the ‘medium roast’ end of their… Read more »

Coffee – Ca Phe ZgoZ

This week sees a coffee that you won’t easily find on the supermarket shelf but it’s well worth hunting it down. A Vietnamese coffee from Ca Phe VN; I went directly to their stall in Broadway Market, but they have an online shop as well. This is their house brand, ZgoZ – or NgoN, the… Read more »