Coffee: Taylors Hot Lava Java

As I’ve mentioned before, our former work coffee club is a big fan of big coffee, so it’s no surprise that this week’s coffee has managed to become something of a regular. Talyors Hot Lava Java is a strength 6, “high caffeine” coffee. The grounds themselves aren’t as dark as you might expect, but the… Read more »

Coffee: Whittard Guatemalan Elephant

I was a little surprised to discover that Whittard even did coffee when they recently asked me if I’d like to sample some of their offerings. In my mind, they’ve always been a tea shop, albeit with the occasional (and, if I’m honest, not particularly exciting) strange flavoured coffee. But no, they have a healthy… Read more »

Coffee: Cherizena Turquino Montanes

I came across Cherizena at this year’s Abergavenny Food Festival; it’s hard to resist a stall laden with heavenly smelling coffee beans, so I ended up coming home with a bagful of things to try. This is their Rare Cuban Turquino Montanes coffee, from their higher priced speciality range. Produced in small quantities, it’s described… Read more »

Coffee: Taylors Christmas Blend

Christmas seems to be one of those times when just about every producer comes up with special editions. Often this seems to be a quick repackage with holly on the packaging and sleigh bells playing in the background, but sometimes you get something genuinely different. This week’s coffee is Taylors Christmas Blend – described as… Read more »