Coffee: Whittard San Agustin Colombian

It’s another cold Monday morning – if that doesn’t cry out for some coffee, I don’t know what does! This is Whittard’s San Agustin Colombian, a medium roasted coffee. The grounds look to be quite dark for a medium coffee, which for my strength-favouring tastebuds is a good sign. The aroma, too, is dark –… Read more »

Coffee: Taylors Cafe Imperial

Back to Taylors this week, and back to the medium side of their range. This is Cafe Imperial, a strength 3 blend that has been served in Betty’s Tea Rooms for over 40 years. The grounds have a surprisingly rich roast aroma, but still light with a fresh, tart citrus fruit undercurrent. Brewed, the richness… Read more »

Coffee: Cherizena Old Brown Java

This week sees the return of Cherizena, the coffee suppliers I encountered last year at the Abergavenny Food Festival. This is their Old Brown Java, which has been aged for two years before roasting. I’d never really thought about the ageing side of coffee production, and if nothing else this coffee has inspired me to… Read more »

Coffee: Whittard Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

I love how educational this blog can sometimes be; until this morning I had no idea that there was a town in Ethiopia called Yirgacheffe (also spelled Irgachefe) and now I know that it’s an important coffee producing centre, thanks to Whittard! This is their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a medium roasted coffee with a mid-brown colour… Read more »