Bridgehead Bytown Boom

One of the great pleasures of travelling is exploring local food and drink; for obvious reasons my focus tends to be more on the drink than the food! Local beer is always top on my list, but often there will be local wines, spirits and – increasingly – coffee to be explored too. Our trip… Read more »

Redber Old Brown Java Dark Roasted Coffee

Redber is a coffee roastery based in Guildford, although for those of us not in the area they are widely available online – either through their own website or (as in this case) via Amazon. Their range is fairly extensive and reasonably priced, and after stumbling across this one in the Amazon coffee aisle I’m… Read more »

Taylors Rwanda

It’s been a while since I reviewed a coffee from Taylors, not least because I’ve tried so much of their range over the years. After starting my exploration of their (then) new Origins range with their Indonesia coffee, today it’s the turn of Rwanda – an East African country in the same prime coffee-growing latitudes as better… Read more »

Ginevra Miscela Selezionata

After a long winter of whisky, it’s definitely time to get back to the caffeinated side of the fence, with a return to our exploration of Ginevra‘s range. So far I’ve been impressed by these Italian coffees, so let’s see if they continue to please in 2017. Miscela Selezionata is translated as a “selected blend… Read more »