Coffee: Cafedirect Colombia

Cafedirect have quite a wide range of coffees (not to mention teas and hot chocolate, too), covering both blends and single origin. They were the first UK coffee brand to carry the Fairtrade label, and probably remain the most recognisable national Fairtrade supermarket coffee. Their packaging suggests to me that they’re reaching for whatever the… Read more »

Coffee: Taylors Indonesia

Taylors remain one of my ‘go-to’ supermarket coffee brands, so my curiosity was well and truly piqued when I noticed a new range in my local store.  Apparently released back in February, either their ‘Origins’ range have only just reached our Waitrose or I’ve been in too much of a coffee-deprived daze when wandering down… Read more »

Coffee: Taylors Good Morning

Coffee is a vital component of a good morning, being roughly 7 times more important than breakfast. However, not everybody wants the same thing from their morning coffee – while I might want a big, bold, caffeine-laden start to the day others may prefer a softer, gentler beginning. This time-dependent labelling is a tightrope that… Read more »

Coffee: Grumpy Mule Organic Ethiopia

I’ve come across Grumpy Mule at various foodie shows over the years, and I have to confess I’ve been underwhelmed – then again, drinking hastily-brewed coffee out of a small paper cup while standing in the middle of a large, crowded exhibition hall filled with a thousand different aromas probably isn’t the ideal tasting experience!… Read more »