CaféDirect Cauca Valley

Continuing our exploration of CaféDirect’s revamped range, and we head a little south, onto the South American continent itself. We’ve encountered Colombian coffee from CaféDirect before, but I suspect there has been a little reformulation to go with the rebranding – the strength rating has been nudged down from a 4 to a 3, and… Read more »

Taylors Rare Blossom Ethiopia

Taylors have re-vamped their Origins range, or perhaps simply replaced it with a very similar ‘Single Origin’ one. Although none of the old origins that I can recall remain, the coffees are all from a single country – in contrast to their core range which are blended from beans across multiple countries and regions. Rare… Read more »

Hackney Coffee Kingsland

The Hackney Coffee Company has only been in business for a couple of years, housed in a family-owned premises that has over the years seen service as a garage, depot and even brewery before entering the world of coffee. Their coffee blends are all named for local landmarks or history, which certainly helps root them… Read more »

CaféDirect Tarrazu Reserve

CaféDirect have had a bit of a rebrand recently; the packaging certainly looks crisper and more modern, and they’ve dropped the rather curious “made the small way” slogan that bemused me so much when I reviewed their Colombia coffee a few years ago. Then again, they’ve replaced it with “Ridiculously Good Coffee” which is, while… Read more »