Little Valley Ginger Pale Ale

Name: Little Valley Ginger Pale Ale ABV: 4.0% Bottled/ Draft: Bottled, conditioned Colour: Golden Head: Enthusiastic! Escaping from the bottle, but short lived in the glass Mouthfeel: Light Taste: Also light; better on the nose than the tongue Comment: Little Valley are one of the few breweries who make a point of producing only certified… Read more »

Draft vs. Bottled – Fuller’s London Pride

Name: Fuller’s London Pride ABV: 4.1% (draft) and 4.7% (bottled) Bottled/ Draft: Both! Colour: Consistent between both, a pale copper Head: Thin but lingering on the draft; barely any on the bottle. Mouthfeel: The fizz is strong on the bottle, a semi-lager which feels light. Much fuller body on the draft, no fizz at all… Read more »

Three B’s Knocker Up

Name: Three B’s Brewery Knocker Up Porter ABV: 4.8% Bottled/ Draft: Bottled, conditioned Colour: Deep, deep ruby Head: Lingers like sea foam Mouthfeel: Big, firm body Taste: Deep roasted malt, almost syrupy. Comment: This is a big headed beer – in a good way. I’ve got some small experience of pouring beer out of bottles,… Read more »