8 Arch Brewing Company Brewery Tour-At-Home

It’s always good when a long weekend in the country involves enough spare time to hit a few local breweries. After our visit to Dorset earlier this year courtesy of holidaycottages.co.uk I returned with a decent haul of beers from the county, including a set from a new (to me) brewery, 8 Arch. 8 Arch Brewing is based… Read more »

Aldi’s Great British Brewing Company

A few years ago, there was rumbling in the world of whisky that perhaps something should be done about some bottlers – especially supermarkets – constantly inventing fictional Glens to use on their own-brand whisky. Earlier this year, the problem re-surfaced when it emerged that Tesco had invented a bunch of farms for some of it’s… Read more »

Minoh Brewery Mini Tour-At-Home

Although I usually try to sample the whole of a brewery’s range in these things, sometimes that’s not possible. I’ve picked up these bottles on the road a little way from Minoh’s home in Osaka, so I’ve only been able to get hold of what appears to be about half of their beers. I say… Read more »

Toast Ale

Food waste is an undeniable issue; 2012 figures from WRAP (I can’t see any newer numbers) show that UK households threw away 7 million tons of food waste. That’s 260 kg per household, which is so high as to be almost unbelievable. Of course, as always with statistics there is more to the story. 40% of that… Read more »