Badger – An American Venture

One of the things I noted about Badger back when I did a review of their range was that they’d always managed to resist the lure of the “craft dollar”, sticking to solid, traditional beers (albeit with a range twice the size it should be). Obviously they took my comments to heart, because they’re definitely… Read more »

Muswell Hillbilly Brewers Tour At Home

The London brewery scene continues to grow at a breathtaking rate – the brewery count recently crossed the 100 mark – and it’s nice to see that the full range of brewery types are well represented in every flurry of openings, from wannabe-Brewdogs, through brewpubs, all the way to a couple of men in a… Read more »

Gweilo Beer Tour At Home

Whenever I’m travelling, I always eager to hunt out local beers. It seems odd to fly across oceans to foreign parts, only to seek out something familiar to drink. Not, of course, that other countries’ local beers are always unfamiliar; Japan’s national beers – Asahi and, to a lesser extent, Kirin & Sapporo – are readily… Read more »

Palmers Brewery Tour-At-Home

Palmers Bottled Range

Today’s Tour is another Dorset brewery, but at the other end of the brewing spectrum from our previous brewery in the county, 8 Arch. Beer has been brewed on the Palmers Bridport site since 1794, although it didn’t take on the Palmer name until the 19th Century. Today it is run by the 4th generation of Palmers…. Read more »