Fuller’s & Friends – Galleon

Although the brewer in me knows that ‘lager’ is, ultimately, nothing more than a technical term I’m also aware that, in mainstream UK terms, ‘lager’ is a fairly specific thing – it’s light and crisp and generally fairly subtly-hopped. It’s somewhere that’s usually safe to go when a non-beery friend says “oh just get me… Read more »

Fuller’s & Friends – Peat Souper

I’ve been quite a fan of Fuller’s for some years, ever since I worked out that my initial lack of enthusiasm was caused not by the beer itself, but by the lacklustre cellarmanship of our local Fuller’s pub which had made me think that Pride was this bland and slightly funky tasting pint. After visiting… Read more »

Empress Ale

I have to admit to being nervous whenever I hear that a beer has been designed for a specific market or niche. Experience has taught me that the resulting drink often bears all the hallmarks of being created by a committee composed of the Marketing Department and the Finance Department resulting in, well, a less… Read more »

Magic Spells Brewery Tour At Home

Magic Spells Brewery are a new East London brewery, very firmly at the ‘craft’ end of the beery spectrum. They have a familiar enough backstory, starting with (a rather substantial 1/2 barrel) homebrewing background 3 years ago and finally going commercial at the start of this year. At the moment they’re still ‘gypsy brewing’ in… Read more »